Soliciting Celeste‘ is the version of Celeste that I drew from 2001-2002. During that year, I produced around 210 comics, 180 dailies and 30 Sundays. During that year, the comic strip wasn’t published in any newspapers (except in the Daily Texan during the last few months of my last semester) but were mainly made to be put submission packets that I sent to all the major syndicates. In that one year, I racked up more rejection letters than I had during the subsequent three years. After numerous rejection letters and a professional critiquing by Lynn Johnston, I decided to start all over from scratch and in March of 2003 I started making new comics for ‘Something about Celeste‘.

No one except my family or a few close friends had ever seen this comic. I decided to finally archive this strip, not because it is good, but because it shows the progression of my writing and artistic talent. Very few of the comics are funny, and the ones that were had been recycled. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see a familiar comic that is also in the ‘Something about Celeste‘ archives.

These are three of the most common cover art that I did for the submission packets. I wanted to make something worthy of Bill Watterson’s talent, and so the titles of my books are wordy like a few of his book collections.


comics 1-35                         comics 36-70


comics 71-105                         comics 106-140


comics 141-175                      comics 176-210

Redux Comics: I recolored a few older Soliciting Celeste. The comics are old, but all the coloring is from 2016.