“Raisin Bread”

This is an old idea harking back from my days in high school. It’s not a great idea but it’s solid. It is an adequate strip for a ‘filler’. There is nothing else to say about this particular strip.

(Clark Middle. 1997)                                                                                            (Something about Celeste. 2006)

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The idea of the punchline came from a tee-shirt slogan I once saw. Once again, this isn’t a great idea but is okay for a filler. I have been inspired by looking at a few tee-shirt and internet memes. I don’t do it often, but when I’m in a pinch for ideas, I surf Facebook for ideas.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                                                      (Something about Celeste. 2006)

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“Atomic Wedgie”

I’ve always thought Paige inflicting an atomic wedgie on Dave was a funny idea. The first strip I made was in the early days of Soliciting Celeste. Besides the last panel, nothing else is working in this strip. It is too wordy, the art is weak, the perspective is off, and the set up for the punchline is too long-winded. The next Soliciting Celeste strip, Dave shows is penchant for annoying Paige. I like their back-an-forth dialogue, but I think the punchline fell flat. I combined both strips to make the new Something about Celeste in which it has the set up from the first strip and the atomic wedgie punchline from the second strip.

    (Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                           (Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                        (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Caught Staring”

One of my first strips I created for Common Ground. I thought it was a good idea and I only wish I had more ideas for strips with parallel inner dialogues. I used Dave for the Soliciting Celeste, but on further consideration, I thought this was too creepy even for Dave’s standards. Therefore, I replaced the creepy, ogling male role with Janus. That’s why I created Janus, to be a testosterone meathead always checking out the female characters of this strip. 

    (Common Ground. 1997)                            (Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                        (Something about Celeste. 2006)

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“Lil’ Devil & Lil’Angel Schtick”

Back in high school, I had a Mossimo tee shirt with a cartoony devil and angel. I liked the drawings so much that I wanted to make characters of those two. My intention wasn’t to make them Celeste’s Temptation and Conscience. She was to good-natured that temptation would have no effect and a conscience admonishing was unnecessary. I wanted to have them as an ‘odd-couple’ who argued with each other more than they paid any attention to Celeste. I planned to have their back and forth argument modeled on Abbott and Costello.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                                        (Something about Celeste. 2015)

devil&angel copy                                         sc.bw196



This particular comic strip gave me one of the most problems in college. The Daily Texan kept on losing this strip in my file, or so I thought. The editor would throw it away because she found it too crude. No one told me that the editor found fault with it and I thought it was misplaced so resubmitted the strip (put it back in the manila folder which had all my comics waiting to be published) three more times. A semester later and the new editor finally told me what happened. It was finally published months after I created it. I was surprised that it was censored to begin with. In college publications, almost all the comics have jokes about sex, alcohol, and drugs (in college, if you can’t be funny, try to shock the audience… as long as no one ignores you). Squirrels running over Celeste’s body was tame compared to a lot of material that was in the Daily Texan. Because I had problems with this strip, when I was trying to get Soliciting Celeste in 2001-02 syndicated, I never tried to recreate this strip. But now that I am not worrying about syndication and newspapers, I create any idea that I find funny.

(Common Ground. 1999)                                                                            (Something about Celeste. 2016)

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