I made this comic back in my first year of college. My intention was to make this guy Celeste’s boyfriend. He turned out to be so bland (I never bothered giving him a name) that I only used him for a total of 3 or 4 strips. Without a boyfriend, as funny as the punchline is, the joke doesn’t work. I didn’t recycle the idea for Soliciting Celeste (plus, I was trying to get syndicated so I avoided any adult humor). I made a mock draft for Something about Celeste with Alastair, changing the line from ‘I love you’ to ‘I miss you’, but I still don’t think the idea works. The punchline is funny, but Celeste is the wrong person to deliver the setup. I think I will try this idea again with Seles and her paramour.

cg08-copy-2      sc-dildo-bw        sc-dildo-copy

(Common Ground. 1997)                      (Something about Celeste. 2005)                  (colored version. 2015)


Mahogany vs. Monogamy (a woody for infidelity)

‘i spy caroline’ was a comic strip that I drew for a semester or two during my senior year in college. It was more of an experimental project. The art was stiff but more realistic than what I usually did. The text, however, was overly wordy. There are very few comics that I recycle from that college strip. The punchline of this strip isn’t all that funny, so that is the reason why I never bothered to recycle it until now. In the current ‘Something about Celeste’, the back and forth dialogue between Paige and Dave is funnier than the punchline itself. The fun of a comic strip is to have established characters and just let their personalities bounce off each other.


(i spy caroline. 2000)                                                                             (Something about Celeste. 2016)


Loving the Reflection

This is a simple idea, but I think works well because of the surprise at the end. It is mainly a visual gag, that I messed up by not zooming in the sunglasses in Clark Middle.


(Clark Middle. 1999)                                                                               (Something about Celeste. 2017)



I originally made this comic after getting a slew of syndication rejection letters. They were standard rejection letter without giving any concrete criticism. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong nor how to ‘fix’ the problems of my comic. I drew this comic comic having Celeste voice my frustration and disappointment. After I recolored this strip (redux) last year, I started to think maybe I would recycle this strip. After making the spinoff ‘Something about Paige’, the comic is more melancholic and bittersweet than the usual light-hearted, silly SaC strips are. Therefore, the recycled strip would star Paige and not Celeste.


(Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                                                                 (Something about Celeste. 2017)