“Spiritual, but not Religious”

Once in a while, but not often, I get an idea for a comic from a comedian’s stand up routine. This example is from Daniel Tosh, who’s flippant remark would make a good sarcastic comeback at a cocktail party. In the original strip, Brad is the one giving the line, who of course is replaced by Alastair in Something about Celeste. I think it works best with Alastair. Europeans who are atheist or agnostic feel no shame is declaring as thus, in contrast to some Americans who feel that they have to mask their lack of faith in some spiritual brand. I like to use Alistair to mock certain American follies.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                          (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Wrong Apartment”

I originally wrote a storyline in which Dave and his roommate move into the apartment next to Celeste and Rococo. Chris was originally Dave and Brad’s slacker friend who didn’t live there but would always visit. After a while, it dawned on me that having Dave as both Celeste’s co-worker and neighbor was pretty stupid. When I rewrote the strip I replaced Brad with Alastair, who is funnier to write for, and moved out Dave and moved in Chris. In Soliciting Celeste, Chris was only a friend of a friend, but in Something about Celeste, Chris becomes Celeste’s best male friend. Once I changed the relationship, much more story possibilities sprung up between those wacky two.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                             (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Sexual Thoughts”

Back when I was struggling to syndicate my strip, Soliciting Celeste, I was disappointed just to get standard rejection letters with no real feedback. I contacted a few professional syndicated cartoonists and asked to show samples of my work. Jef Mallet and Lynn Johnston both agreed to give me constructive criticism. This strip was in the packet that I sent to Lynn Johnston. She did not dislike this strip, but thought it was a bad idea to submit it to syndications and newspaper editors. Even though this strip is not necessary edgy, just making references to sexual thoughts was a big no-no. When I started creating Something about Celeste in 2003, I threw away this comic idea. Only after I gave up on the pursuit of syndication and started to draw just for the sake of drawing, I revised this strip. I like it; it always makes me laugh. Enjoy.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                             (Something about Celeste. 2006)

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“Five Second Rule”

In the original I had Celeste’s roommate, Diane, eat the old cookie off the floor. However, when I was making my new comic strip, I couldn’t have Celeste’s new roommate, Rococo, eat the cookie, as she is too prim and proper for that. I could have reversed the roles and had Celeste eat the cookie (she did chew spoiled milk, after all). Instead I gave the line to Chris. In Soliciting Celeste, Dave moved into a new apartment (next to Celeste), and his friend Chris was helping him move his furniture. In Something about Celeste, I eliminated Dave and I just used Chris’s new roommate, Alastair.

        (Common Ground. 2000)                                 (Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                              (Something about Celeste. 2006)

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