Janus bio

He is just a bit character, yet he is as old as Celeste. He hasn’t been in that many comics, but I have always found a place for him throughout the years. Here are a few comics that showcases the evolution of Janus, from idiot, frat brother to idiot, metrosexual body-builder.

“Dance Club”

This was the actual first Common Ground comic strip that I ever drew. I think I spent 15 or 20 minutes drawing it. Back then Celeste hadn’t been given a name as I didn’t think I would ever use her again. However, only because I’m lazy, I kept reusing Celeste because I didn’t want to draw someone new. In the Soliciting Celeste, I replaced Celeste with Paige (the few instances that she is in a ponytail). Janus is the creep in the 2nd panel in both strips.

(Common Ground. 1997)                                                                          (Soliciting Celeste. 2002)

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“Did it Hurt?”

This is the type of sophomoric humor I found funny in college that I think is stupid now. In Common Ground is Diane and Ernie, who was a character from another comic strip in the Daily Texan. In Soliciting Celeste, the same idea is now spoken by Rococo and Janus. Like I said, this particular strip isn’t all that funny so that’s why I never made it into a Something about Celeste.

(Common Ground. 1998)                                                                        (Soliciting Celeste. 2002)

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“I’m Janus”

This is the strip that I used to introduce current readers to Janus. In the first Something about Celeste, I didn’t like my drawing of Janus’ face, so that’s why the re-attempt two years later.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                               (proto-Something about Celeste. 2003)                (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Mind Reader”

Here is an idea, that initially, I thought was funny, but the implementation was far too wordy. I might redo this strip if I can make it with less dialogue. Brevity counts. Anyways, in the Common Ground are two of the male characters, Janus and Cecil. It also has another rocky road joke; it’s a running theme.

(Common Ground. 1999)                                                                              (Soliciting Celeste. 2001)

CG28 copy                     12mind reader copy