“Dragon Breath”

In college I had been playing with photoshop, trying out new techniques to make special effects. I had been trying to make black & white flames. That’s where this idea came from. I have to admit, these strip are visual gags and the writing isn’t all that sharp. Oh well. I thought I would make it a recurring gag with Dave’s bad breath.

(Common Ground. 2000.)                                                                                (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Eleven Herb ‘n Spices”

Some ideas just come out of no where. This idea just popped into my head as I was trying to catch the bus when I was in college. I thought it was funny because it was such a random remark. Unfortunately, I could never come up with a decent punchline to wrap it all up in the end. In all three strips, it is Chris musing about fried chicken because early on I had established his character as some sort of stoner idiot.

(Clark Middle. 1999)                                             (Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                      (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Rocky Road”

Another idea from my early college days. The first few weeks I had been drawing Common Ground, during which my blonde main character still had remained nameless. It had never been my intention to make her the main character, it just happened that way. This was the first strip where she is named. This is the strip that she was christened ‘Celeste’. She isn’t named after anyone particular. I just came across the name on the internet and I thought it sounded nice so I used it. At the time I never planned on creating a webcomic on the name Celeste.

This was the only rocky road joke I used in Common Ground, but in Something about Celeste the ice cream has become a re-occurring joke. Even though rocky road is Celeste’s ultimate comfort food, personally, I don’t eat ice cream all that much.

(Common Ground. 1997)                                                                                        (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Falling Asleep”

I won’t lie, this strip is just a filler. When I run out of ideas, I go to an easy visual gag. This was easy because I only had to draw two pictures. I try to keep these shameless visual gags to a minimum.

(Common Ground. 1999)                                                                                          (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Moving Violation”

Back when I did Soliciting Celeste, I created a week long story-arc in which all the six characters had been pulled over by the police for some infraction or another. You already saw the one in which both Rococo and Dave tried to weasel out of a ticket of. Unfortunately, the strips with Paige and Celeste weren’t all that good, visually and the writing. I dropped the story-arc when I transitioned to Something about Celeste. However, the strip with Chris and Brad were pretty good so I did recycle these two. I dropped the character Brad and replaced him with Alastair. Brad was a bit boring and it was hard to write ideas with him. So far Alastair has been more interesting to write for.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                                                               (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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