“Notorious B.I.G.”

Not one of my stronger strips. I feel this is just a filler. It has a ‘good enough’ punchline to do again. In the first Soliciting Celeste strip, Paige is too chummy with Dave (“Hey Davey! What’cha having for lunch?”) During 2001-02, I was still trying to establish Dave and Paige’s relationship. They had a more love-hate relationship between the two with some sexual tension between the two. But by 2005, I thought it would be more realistic if they just annoyed each other.

The strip does do a good job of helping establish both characters’ personalities. Paige is your basic urban progressive who has strong feelings about the environment, health and diet, and other topics. Dave is just apolitical, amoral, and basically apathetic. He doesn’t have any strong feelings, and that juxtaposition with Paige leads to some humorous situations as their personalities clash.

Paige is a vegan or vegetarian (honestly, I don’t know what the difference). I am not. I just write dialogue for one. I don’t have to share her deep convictions in order to write for her. One reader was angry with me for suggesting that red meat stays in the colon for years. I wrote back to him that I write a comic strip, not a science journal. I don’t have to do research before I put words in my character’s mouth. But perhaps I should put a disclaimer with any strip that doesn’t include facts…. which is all of them.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                                           (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Burning Candle”

I like this poem by Edna St. Vincent-Millay. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a better comic strip with a snappier punchline to attach the poem to. Sorry. As with the other Soliciting Celeste strip, I didn’t like Dave and Paige being too chummy with each other (“Why the glum look, kiddo?”). So instead of Dave wasting Paige’s time, I replaced him with Celeste. Plus this fits in a few other Sunday’s strip in which Celeste starts blathering when Paige is very busy.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                                                                             (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Bunny Suit”

I don’t understand this strip, but it makes me laugh. So, there.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                                                                                 (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“Everyone is a Critic”

As an advertising major university student, when taking portfolio classes, we were taught early on that everything was fair game for critiquing. We were told to develop a thick skin or leave. We were encouraged to speak out in class and discuss what we liked or didn’t like, what we thought was strong stuff or what needed to go back to the drawing board. As a comic, I thought the idea of a mere intern giving criticism to the head art director was funny. Later, to make it more preposterous, I have the janitor giving art and design pointers to Paige.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                                            (Something about Celeste. 2005)

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“American Psycho”

This is one of the first comics I made in the early batch of comics that I sent to the syndicates when I first started. The line, I think comes from the Christian Bale movie, American Psycho. Originally, I put Rococo in the strip. As a posh socialite, I thought it was reasonable that she would be the one sharing cocktails with a finance banker. However, when I started Something about Celeste, I made the decision that all the strange stuff should happen to Celeste and all the normal stuff would happen to the supporting cast. Therefore, an axe-wielding, hockey mask-wearing banker is now the one on a date with Celeste.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                                                                                        (Something about Celeste. 2003)

bw020ssc                            bw029sac