“Moving Violation” I originally heard this line my freshman year in college. I don’t know if the teller actually used this line on a cop or was just repeating a joke. Either way, I thought it would be funny for one of my characters to repeat.

The second strip of the Soliciting Celeste, was amusing, but times have changed. It is no longer okay to poke fun of gay men, so naturally I scratched the idea. I did like the drawing of the coupe, so I copied and pasted it into the Something about Celeste strip.

(Clark Middle. 1998)                            (Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                     (Something about Celeste. 2003)

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“Giving Compliments” Every once in a while, a cartoonists hits a home run with an idea. I got lucky with this idea back in college so I reused over and over with very little changes to the overall strip. This one had been a favorite for friends and family who I have showed this to you over the years.

As you can see, in my college Common Ground days, Celeste was far more aggressive than the meek, sweet (and neurotic) girl is she is now.

(Common Ground. 1999)                         (Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                   (Something about Celeste. 2004)

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“Introspective” This was one of my favorite ideas, hence why I kept on redoing it. I didn’t want to draw a copy/paste talking heads like I did the first time so I made the art more dynamic each time and made a better background the third time.

(Common Ground. 1999)                      (Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                            (Something about Celeste. 2003)

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“Bad Dream?” I don’t think this is an extra-ordinary idea, but it is solid (I think). Therefore, I have redid the strip almost word for word with just a change to the artwork.

(Common Ground. 2000.)                             (Soliciting Celeste. 2001)                       (Something about Celeste. 2004)

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“Rock, Paper, Scissors” I studied advertising in college. One of the classes I took was the History of Advertising, which I found fascinating reading about all the major players of Madison Avenue from the late 19th century until the 1960s. One person was given was mentioned quite a bit even though he was not an adman himself. G.W.Hill was the president of R.J.Reynolds in the 1940s (I think. I have forgotten so much from my college days) back when Lucky Strike was their biggest selling product. No matter which advertising agency R. J. Reynolds was using at the time, Mr.Hill always felt to to boss around the lowly peons, also known as art directors and copy writers, just because his firm brought top billings to the ad agency. He would call the man (they were all men at this time) in the middle of the night to complain about the copy writing, demand everyone smoke at client/agency meetings whether the wanted to or not, and just be the pushiest person in general. Pretty soon, he was dubbed ‘Nero’ behind his back by all the ad agencies on Madison Avenue.

Back when I drawing Soliciting Celeste, I thought it would be a great idea to resurrect G.W.Hill from the dead and make him a side character who bosses the account executives at the advertising agency that Celeste and Dave work at. They would all fear Nero. Ultimately, I think I only used him for a total of 4 strips. Unfortunately, none of those strips were that funny, and so I decided to drop G.W. “Nero” Hill as a character when I transitioned into Something about Celeste. The new strip drops the punchline referring to Nero and uses a more generic scenario. I think it works better.

(Soliciting Celeste. 2002)                                                                                          (Something about Celeste. 2004)

ssc293                                sac290



“Bunny Slippers” My childhood comic strip, Kevin, I drew from 1991-1997 but were never published anywhere, they were just collected for my own amusement. I still have all the old strips. It’s amusing to look at them from time to time, and be reminded how really bad I used to be. This is the only strip decent enough that I was able to tweak into a strip for Celeste .

Fun Fact: Both Dave and Chris were characters originally from the Kevin Comics and were depicted as teenage boys.

(Kevin. 1994)                                                                                                                   (Something about Celeste. 2004)

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