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For now, here is something I drew. This is Lisa from the webcomic Penny & Aggie. I drew this sometime in 2006 in the style of the artist, Giséle Legacé.

Lisa copyBack in October 31, 2000, it was switch-a-roo day on the comics page at the Daily Texan, the student publication for the University of Texas. I partnered up with Mike Woodson of ‘Irritability‘. I drew his comic and he drew mine (Common Ground). I was annoyed because he drew Celeste better than I could.

daily texan1


I graduated from the University of Texas back in December of 2001. Serendipitously, I grabbed a copy of the Daily Texan on January 18, 2002 on my way to do some errands near campus. To my surprise, all the current student cartoonists had drawn their main characters hitting on Celeste. I still don’t know which one drew Celeste.

daily texan2


Jerrod Turner, a Sherpa illustrator at GoComics created this drawing of Celeste, Dave, and Chris. You can see his stuff at:


This is some coloring jobs I did for Jennifer Babcock, cartoonist of “C’est la Vie” You can see her stuff at either: or

Version 1 and 2 of June 22, 2016 comic (see original here:

c'la vie copy 3                             c'la vie copy 2

Version 1 and 2 of June 24, 2016 comic (see original here:

C'est laVie copy                             C'est laVie ver2 copy

Version 1 and 2 of June 29, 2016 comic (see original here:

C'estlaVie3 copy                             C'est laVie ver2 copy

Version 1 and 2 of July 08, 2016 comic (see original here:

C'est la copy                             C'est la2 copy

Version 1 and 2 of July 13, 2016 comic (see original here:

C'est05a copy                            C'est05b copy

More fanart I made. 

Back in college, I made a short lived comic strip my junior year called ‘i spy caroline’. Some of the comics were so sophomoric and crude that they were censored from the Daily Texan. In my early twenties, I still found these comics highly humorous and I still wanted to recycle the ideas. However, neither Soliciting Celeste or Something about Celeste were good vehicles to use these ideas on.

So instead I thought I would use the idea in some fanart I made for the webcomic, ‘Penny&Aggie’.  Pennie&Aggie already dealt with a lot of ‘sex jokes’ so I thought my panties joke wouldn’t be too much out of place. I started working on sketches in 2006, but as I was busy with my own comics, I never really got far on the fanart comic. Eventually, the characters, Stan broke up with Michelle, and Sara came out of the closet and as a result was less judgmental. The webcomic’s drama moved on and my punchline would no longer work. So I shelved the comic indefinitely.

After working on the fanart comics for Jennifer Babcock last week, I thought I will finally get around and finish the fanart comic for Giséle Legacé. (Just ten years too late).

See the original strip I made in college.

                                                                      PennyAggie copy

(i spy caroline. 1999 or 2000)                                                       (Penny & Aggie tribute. 2016)

This is a crossover strip I did for Christopher Grady of ‘Lunarbaboon’. (see the original here:

lunarbaboon copy

This is a coloring job I did on Bea R.’ comic ‘In Security’. ( I didn’t change the text or anything, the comic is just the same as the original, but is now in color.

Fan art I did for Jordan Smith, Amanda El-Dweek, and Rene Lopez.

candace                   amandagreat            alisonward-copy

Candace n’ Company (see his website at

Amanda the Great (see the original:

Amanda repaid me the favor with some fanart of Celeste. The original black & white is all hers, and I added to the colored version.

And more by Amanda. This time she gives love to Paige.