This page is dedicated to comics that I made specifically for my Facebook page or GoComics. These include special holiday or seasonal comics. Also, since I’m forced to publish at a smaller 600 d.p.i. resolution on GoComics, so I sometimes make alternate versions of that strip in order the change the layout and the width.


Valentine’s Day (2-14-16)

sc243 copy


St. Patrick’s Day (3-17-16)

irish copy

Alchemist Quote (3-09-16)

rumi-alt-copy         sc187 copy

After I completed Version 1, I didn’t like the tempo of the layout so I re-formatted the strip. In Version 2, I moved panels 2, 3 and 4 sooner, and made a new panel 4 to give the visual gag before the punchline instead of the visual and the wording competing with each other in the last panel.


Original and Alternate Versions of “Worst Day” (2-28-16)

sc182 copy        26worst day copy       worstday ver 2 copy

Just playing around with different layouts.


Original and Alternate Versions of “Necrophilia” (3-27-16)

sc196 copy         sc196ver2 copy

I added three panels (panels #6, 7, & 8) to keep it symmetric when I changed it from a ‘landscape’ layout to a ‘portrait’ layout.

“MirrorMirror:Prologue” Sunday strip (4-10-16)

sc203 copy       sc203ver2 copy         sc203ver3 copy           sc203ver4 copy

Version 1 is the one seen in the archives of this website, and version 4 is what I ultimately used for I wanted the last three panels, in which Celeste is staring at Seles across the bar, to lie on the same row.


“Four Simple Steps” (5-1-16)

sc217 copy        sc217 ver.2 copy

The two version are the same in the matter of text. I felt that that the art in version 1 was being squeezed by the excess text (panels 4, 5, &, 6). So I added three more panels in version 2 to balance the ratio of text v. art in those panels and give it more a sense of symmetry. I’m happy that I went through all that extra effort as the artwork in the added panels are some of my best.

Also, on a side note, I didn’t randomly pick the colors for the background. Each color represents Linda’s state of mind. The change in colors represent the change in her tone as she narrates her weight loss process, getting to a pitch red hot anger in panel 9 (version 2). And after the red climax, there is the purple of acceptance during the resolution of the last panel. I’m sorry, I over-think my creation process of my comics.


“MirrorMirror: Through the Looking Glass” (5-22-16)

sc231 copy          sc231ver2 copy         sc231ver3 copy

The first version I made for this website, and once again I wanted to change the horizontal, 2-row panel layout for a more square, 3-row panel layout. The second panel is very dynamic, and the circular panel layout adds emphasis. Unfortunately, it makes it impossible to be flexible with the image in the second panel. In the second version, I had to put the title panel in the eighth panel instead of the first panel because I couldn’t shift the first and second panel images without changing everything in the layout.

But my main problem with Version 2 was the quickness in which Seles walks out the mirror after Celeste gets sucked in (panels 3 & 4). In Version 1, panel 3 is on the top right corner while panel 4 is on the bottom left corner. There is a mental pause as the reader’s eyes shift from right to left, top to bottom. Unfortunately, in Version 2, panels 3 and 4 are side by side with each other. That dramatic pause is eliminated and Seles enters the stage too quickly. In comics, timing is everything. Therefore, I made an extra panel in Version 3 to add that pause between Celeste’s exit and Seles’ entrance. It is such a small thing for me to fret about, but I think these small details can really change the reader’s experience.

And for anyone who is curious, I modeled Seles’ legs in panels 4, 5, & 6 on illustrations of Jessica Rabbit.


“MirrorMirror: Coming Home” (5-29-16)

sc238 copy       34 mirror ver2 copy          sc238ver3 copy

There isn’t too much differences as I played with different layouts. Version 1 is the one I used for this website, Version 2 is the first one I wanted to use on the GoComics website but Version 3 is the ultimate version I ended up using on GoComics. There is only minor differences is with the placement of the dialogue bubbles.


MirrorMirror: Window Shopping” (8-5-16)

sc273 copy          40window ver2 copy

This is part one out of the seven strip series of the ‘MirrorMirror’: Chapter Two’. There is little difference between Version 1 and Version 2 except for panels #2 and #3. In Version 2, the first panel has the background reflection fuzzy while the foreground Celeste is crisp, and in the second panel the foreground Celeste is fuzzy while the background reflections are clearer. This was a means to redirect the reader’s vision. I have done this ploy in other strips, to redirect the reader to dialogue or other action between the foreground and backgrounds, but I’m not sure that this strip needed this or not. Therefore, in Version 1, I left both panel #2 and #3 untouched with the blurred tool. I kept both techniques and I’m just waiting for readers to tell me which version they prefer better.


Third Nipple (8-28-16)

sc280 copy              3rdNipple2 copy

The only difference between these two versions is panel #6. Viewer’s tend to read left to right, top to bottom, so I take special care how I place my dialogue and artwork. I never want my readers to read the second dialogue bubble before the first dialogue bubble (few other cartoonist ever consider this). Also, I don’t want the reader to hover a single panel wondering what is happening in which sequential order. In Version 2, I create two rows for the dialogue “I have a third nipple”. But reading left to right, then top to bottom, that creates a (Z) pattern with the viewers gaze. So in Version 1, I created an upward arch that the whole dialogue lies on, that the viewer’s gaze just goes across in a singular rising swoop. I personally prefer panel #6 in Version 1, but some people have told me that they prefer the dialogue layout in Version 2.

Thanksgiving 2016

Christmas 2016

Revenge on the Sixth (May 6th 2017)

This is a Star Wars pun along the lines with Mar Fourth (May the Force/Fourth be with you). All my friends made a May Fourth comic, so I decided to make an impromptu  May Sixth/Sith comic. I made this in 30 minutes because I just recycled images from a previous comic.

Thanksgiving 2017

Christmas 2017