Common Ground

this strip was an experimental comic at first. I never intended to work on it for more than a semester. I was going to do a comic in a female’s point of view (just to see if I could). I was going to draw different female characters for each strip. Well that was my plan. I drew Celeste for my first strip and I continued to draw her because it was easier than teaching myself how to draw a new character. However, I never bothered to giver her a name for the first two months that I drew her. After a while, when I knew that she was going to be a permanent fixture, then I decided to name her. Because I intended this to be a female type strip, I used a pseudonym when I published it. My name was “Paige Zuniga”. What I intended to be a brief experiment, I drew Common Ground from the fall of 1997 to the spring of 2000

Of all my three strips, Common Ground proved to be my most popular, so when I graduated from college and I started to send submissions to the comic syndicates, I knew that Celeste was going to be my main character.